The New Pesticides Standard EN ISO 27065

The agricultural industry necessitates frequent contact with potent chemicals, posing a significant occupational health hazard.

EN ISO 27065 is the new harmonized standard for protective clothing ensuring consistent safety in pesticides protection.

Protective clothing certified by EN ISO 27065, should be labelled with a pictogram of a conical flask with a leaf.

Alongside the standard, the classification should also be indicated in the pictogram.

Level C1 is suitable for follow-up work and the base protection with other PPE.

Material: Penetration < 40%
Seam: Penetration < 40%

Level C2 is suitable for higher protection than Level C1 protective clothing.

Material: Penetration < 5% / Repellency ≥ 80%
Seam: Penetration < 5% / Repellency ≥ 80%
Whole suit: Reduced spray test (Type 6)

Level C3 is suitable for diluted plant protect products and concentrated pesticides.

Material: Permeation, cumulative ≤ 1 µg/cm2
Seam: Permeation, cumulative ≤ 1 µg/cm2
Whole suit: Spray test (Type 4)

• Base materials and seams need fulfill the criteria in tensile, tear and puncture resistance.
• Penetration and repellency are tested by ISO 22608, using EC-DY surrogate diluted to 2.5%.
• Permeation is tested by ISO 19918 Solid state collection permeation, using:
‧ EC-DY surrogate diluted to 2.5% for 1 hour and/or
‧ EC-DY surrogate (undiluted) for 15 minutes